Empire Entertainment

Empire Entertainment provides a platform for music artists to build a sustainable music career and establish themselves in the industry.

We ensure that the musician has a Coaching and Rehearsal Program, Career Plan, a line up of Live Performances and Studio Time. Empire Entertainment believes in firstly understanding the Artist’s style and desired musical career path. We create a pathway around where the Artist wants to see themselves.

This comes from collaborative inputs from the Artist, the Management Team and the Industry Professional we have partnered with. Empire Entertainment caters for all musical styles. Our vocal coach has years of industry experience and has an excellent understanding of dealing with each genre from a vocal vantage point.

We will soon be adding Formal, Sports and Casual Footwear. We are coming up with a creative way to enter this market to make a noticeable impact. All our shoes will appeal to those who love quality and a perfect balance with price.

Keep a look out for our online store!